I work in a variety of media, but I am primarily a textile artist and embroiderer. I was trained in textile design and embroidery at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center in Oak Harbor, Washington, where I achieved the internationally-recognized City & Guilds Diploma in Research, Design, and Embroidery. It was while I was studying for my diploma that I discovered a love of papermaking as an art form, and this extended my work into book and print making. My current work incorporates hand and machine stitch with many other materials such as hand-made paper, hand-made felt, and various art media.

My work is inspired by the complex colors, textures, and patterns of birds in nature. These pieces are worked in hand-dyed fibers, frayed and manipulated fabrics, and layered hand and machine stitch for texture.

I live in Greenbank, on Whidbey Island in Washington state. I have had a lifetime relationship with fiber and stitch, and my creativity and passion continue to lead me to explore innovative ways of working in contemporary mixed media and textiles.

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